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Economic Incentive Services, LLC
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Economic Incentive Services, LLC

The process of site selection/location analysis and securing government incentives requires a broad spectrum of expertise and service. Almost every area of a business is touched by the incentives identification process including, tax, accounting, finance, economic development, government and legislative affairs, legal, real estate, logistics, human resources and payroll. EIS personnel have a broad range of deep expertise in these fields. In addition, EIS has a high caliber list of firms and organizations with whom we partner to bring the best available expertise and services to our clients.

Permitting and Legal Specialists

EIS partners with engineering, construction and specialty law firms throughout the site selection and incentives negotiation process to assist our clients with all levels of environmental permitting, local zoning, as well as a myriad of legal and business issues so that our clients can begin operating as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Business and Industry Associations
EIS professionals have long been active in business organizations where key legislative and industry issues are discussed and advocated. We have been asked to speak at or become members of such organizations as CoreNet Global, Area Development Magazine, Texas Association of Business, BioHouston, Council on State Tax (COST), BIO, WindPower, National Biodiesel Board, Texas Association of Manufacturers, Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT), Franchise/Income State Tax Association (FIST), Tax Executives Institute (TEI), State Legislatures and many others.

Banking and Finance
Commercial banking and financial firms understand how our services can have a significant impact on the financial viability of a project.  If project costs, both one-time and ongoing, can be offset by as much as 10-50% through federal, state and local incentives it can positively influence loan economics and structures, financial analysis ratios and consequently lower lender risk and increase returns.  We work with our banking and financial partners to estimate the value of potential incentives for a project so they can incorporate the impact into their analysis before the loan or financing structure is put in place. 

Accounting and Specialty Tax Firms
EIS services complement the accounting and specialty tax community because we add immediate value to their clients without them having to employ in-house site selection and incentive expertise. Accounting and specialty tax firms also recognize that we only get involved as much or as little as they need. We are very respectful of your relationships and only enhance the relationship through the specialized services we offer.  Our services complement each other and bring a comprehensive solution to our mutual clients.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firms
EIS assists commercial and industrial real estate professionals with the identification, negotiation and administration of incentive programs for their clients and tenants. Many clients are not aware that these lucrative government funds are available for their projects. EIS works seamlessly with brokers and tenant reps to quickly and easily identify these incentives and the economic zones in which their clients may be considering locating. Economic zones are areas where enhanced incentive programs may be offered. Through identification of these programs, real estate brokers can assist their clients in identifying the most economically attractive site and enhancing their clients' ROI. 

Economic Development Groups
State and local economic development groups utilize business incentives to attract and retain targeted businesses for growth and expansion. Partnerships with EIS have proven successful in the development of new, targeted and more effective incentive programs. In addition, EIS's incentive compliance and audit services (through IncentiSys™) help to ensure their local businesses that have received incentives adhere to government compliance requirements and ultimately realize the benefits of the incentives. EIS has established key partner relationships with economic development groups and government jurisdictions around the country.  Our professionals are key members of IEDC, as well as many state economic development associations.  This unique relationship and the quality and integrity of our professionals have resulted in 
EIS being recommended by many state and local government to their existing and prospective businesses.