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Today, companies with multiple locations rely on various personnel and departments (tax, real estate, business development, government affairs, etc.) to identify, implement and, most importantly, comply with state tax credit or negotiated incentives. Most companies spend an inordinate amount of time and energy gathering and maintaining the relevant information to support this responsibility, usually with disparate and antiquated tools. IncentiSys™ provides a single desk-top “location” and central repository for archive/retrieval, research, analysis, implementation and compliance with domestic and international incentives.  Companies no longer have to worry about losing critical data and institutional knowledge or missing incentive performance deadlines if key personnel move or leave the company. 

Company-specific facts regarding business locations (e.g. addresses, economic zones, tax ID’s), employee data, local taxes and capital investments that determine state tax credit or incentive eligibility, as well as local government contacts and other pertinent information can all be maintained and accessed through one central, on-line system. 
IncentiSys™ also stores client state tax forms, supporting documents, executed agreements and all client facts relevant to any statutory (tax) or negotiated (non-tax or cash) financial incentive that may have been secured by the company, as well as real estate related data. 

In addition, it allows the user to set deadlines, assign tasks, send periodic email reminders to various geographically-dispersed personnel about upcoming compliance and reporting deadlines and to view and print customizable reports for all data in a variety of formats. There are additional proprietary and advanced features and functions we will demonstrate during a personal viewing of our system.

Simply put, this system allows companies to effectively manage the critical processes of identifying, implementing, securing, and complying with government incentives…..all from a secure, company-specific URL that can be accessed by any or all company personnel anywhere in the world. There is no other product on the market today that even closely compares to our system. 

For more information or a personal demonstration (online or in person) please call Eric Geisler at the number below or complete the contact fields on our Contact Us page and choose "IncentiSys" in the "Area of Interest" drop-down box.

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