Whether you are the CEO, CFO, Tax Director or Real Estate Director, you are focused on the same key issues:

  • ​​Reduce effective tax rate
  • Increase cash flow
  • Increase ROI (investment in people and property)
  • Enhance earnings per share
  • Maximize corporate real estate portfolio
  • Leverage your company's downsized tax and real estate staff
  • Insure new investment assets are maximized
  • Maintain industry competitiveness

Economic Incentive Services, LLC (EIS) is a full-service
incentives and location advisory firm that helps our clients effectively manage those "stay awake" issues. Historically, we have helped our clients secure local,
state, and federal cash grants and tax incentives worth 10-50% of the total capital investment in their projects.


Our comprehensive services include:

  • Site selection and location analysis
  • Identification, negotiation and capture of government incentives
  • Application writing and form preparation
  • Representation and expert testimony in public forums
  • Technical support and advocacy for legislative issues
  • Ongoing incentive compliance administration through our proprietary incentive management software - IncentiSys


Economic Incentive Services, LLC

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Economic Incentive Services, LLC.

Eric Geisler, President

Economic Incentive Services, LLC
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